Sunday, October 08, 2006

Mr Policeman

This must be my lucky morning. I was driving towards the pizza man, wanting to go to the Senayan. I was quite in a rush & I wanted to take the shortest route. I wasnt quite sure whether I could turn to the left - that would enable me for the shortest route, cause I've passed thru this place so many times but seen no car doing this manuver before. So, I looked carefully for any no turn sign, couldnt find any, and then there is a big green sign hanging above a pole, picturing 'turn left for blok M'... so... I took my left, telling myself it would be OK, even though there was already a police man standing there.

And then, guess what, when I was already turning left, the police man hailed my car... and I could already picture myself having to pay IDR 50 thousands, within the next 5 minutes, especially that this is almost lebaran time & every one wants to earn a little more purple or red notes to satisfy their stomach.
So... he asked for my stnk, sim, asking me didnt i see the no turn sign (of course i said no, i already looked for it & couldnt find it), & where i wanted to go to (after having been stopped by the police 3 times already, i have the routine memorized in my mind already).
In the end, I dont know whether it was my shabby tshirt & short outfit, or that i told him i was just going to do some exercise in senayan, or that my SIM is issued from Jogja (he started speaking to me in Javanese, which I had to ask him to repeat twice before I could understand), he let me go without any obligation!
Waw, lesson learned, a pool of stereoptype is not 100% stereo, there is at least 1 person who makes the differences. I just kept smiling & laughing to myself along the way after that.

Thank you Mr Policeman, i wish there would be more & more people like you in the police force!
(Note: Although I'm pretty sure that the no turn sign was not there & i did tell him that they should remove the left turn signboard)

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